I can only imagine, sadly I heard tickets cost too much! But, have you ever seen him in a show?

nope only live streaming for some ASOT events he is literally the god of trance

I think the situation is worst in Italy about trance. Nobody knows it, they all listen to the same songs, poor us! So, I heard Armin had a concert in New York a few days ago, did you go?

Sadly no :( tickets are soooo much lol. But yea i heard it was good


The Alcazar - Toledo - Castilla La Mancha - Spain (von pedro lastra)
We like the same DJs! I'm literally in love with Armin van Buuren, he's the reason why I love trance. My favorite vocalists are Emma Hewitt, Christian Burns and Susana! Fiora's amazing, especially in "Waiting for the night" :)

Yesssss waiting for the night is amazing. I live in New York and many people here, at least the ones i know, don’t even know what “trance” is, they listen to the shitty music overplayed so many times on the radio and it boggles my mind

So we can talk in english, if you want. I'm so happy when I find someone who loves trance music, I swear. Which are your favorite DJs? And your favorite songs? (I'm in love with your playlist, obviously)

oh god haha. so many. armin, dash berlin, ATB, markus schulz, marlo. so many beautiful trance vocalists as well like fiora :)

I’ll be waiting, til the sky falls down.

Oddio, non può essere. Sei un'amante della trance? E sei pure Italiana? Questo è un sogno che si realizza. La tua playlist, oh mio Dio, io potrei amarti, lo sai vero?

amo trance e sì, io sono italiano. ma parlo inglese più spesso di italiano :) glad to see we have so much in common haha (:


Don’t be that guy.


if i had a dollar for every time an adult asked me about college then i’d have enough money to pay for college

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